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How to Make a Lasting Impression in Your Interview

Axitro 28 Jun, 2017

Nothing's worse than exiting your interview and seeing a long line of job candidates that will be filing in after you. It feels like you will be so easily forgotten after you leave. Here are some ways you can make a lasting impression in your interview.

Mention Some Little-Known Facts or History About the Company

During your interview, make it known that you’ve done your research. Mention some interesting and little-known facts or anecdotes about the company to let your interviewer see that you know something about the place where you want to work. With luck, you might just come up with something that even the interviewer didn't know.

Supply the Answer to a Problem

Engage the interviewer in a conversation where you ask about particular problems the company may be having. If you can offer some possible solutions – ones that involve your participation as a future employee – this will certainly make a lasting impression in your interview and possibly lead to a job offer.

Get Into the Details of Your Past Job Experience

Your past job experience is listed on paper right in front of your interviewer. But that never tells the whole story. Were you promoted a year after being hired at your last company? Talk about what you did there to earn that promotion. Did your previous company relocate to new offices? Discuss why they made the move and how you facilitated the process with your organizational skills.

Make One Last Statement Before You Leave

Just before you open the door to leave, turn and make one last statement. That one sentence will stand out in the interviewer’s mind because it was unexpected. Make it something memorable that conveys your enthusiasm for the job.